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Friends on Nobody’s River

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 Nobody's River team

Nobody’s River team

In May, four women will embark on a source to sea descent of the Amur River—the world’s third longest free-flowing river. Traveling 4,400 kilometers through three rugged and remote countries, the team plans to capture their journey through still and motion images to tell the story of this widely unknown watershed.

Over three months, winding through Mongolia, Russia and China, the team will document the challenges, highlights and of course the adventure of this incredible journey—as well as the threats that face the Amur River.

To help support their efforts, it takes 3 easy clicks: http://nobodysriver.org/3clicks

Some background from Team NR spokeswoman, Amber Valenti,

“The inception of the project began with a realization that my niece and nephew may never see a free-flowing river. They are becoming rarer by the moment. With this realization came another–as much as I have traveled and paddled across the globe, I have never experienced a large free-flowing river.  They are practically mythical creatures in the modern world.  But we still have an opportunity that our children may not–to experience these unique watersheds first hand.  So what would stop us?  Mostly fear.  Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Fear of fear. But if we can get beyond that there is just a whole lot light.
This project is important to our global community in that it carries on the powerful message we’ve inherited from other adventurers, explorers and conservationists around the world– savor the world around you and each precious moment.  Smell each flower. Appreciate each smile line on the face of another human being.  Study the curves and cycles of the natural world.  Immerse yourself in the messiest parts of it.  Watch quietly. See what you can learn. Shake it up. But NEVER take yourself too seriously.”

After the team returns this summer, award-winning freelance director and cinematographer Skip Armstrong will join forces and lend his skills to edit the footage into a short film perfectly poised for international adventure and environmental film festivals in 2014.

“Storytelling is a job I love. And I do love stories with ingredients like 4 wild women [ Amber ValentiBecca DennisSabra PurdyKrystle Wright], far away lands, wild rivers and a whole lot of logistical question marks. I’m honored that I’ll help craft this story into a film when these ladies return later this summer. ” – Skip Armstrong, Director and Cinematographer
To speak further to their project, they have a strong community supporting their efforts:

“Great stories make great films, and the Nobody’s River Project is a great story,” said Mark Deming, NRS Marketing Communications. “From the cast to the setting, it has all the elements of a classic adventure narrative. There’s no telling what exactly that narrative will be, but there’s no doubt it will be entertaining and inspiring.”

“Such ecological dynamism on a river so grand is increasingly rare.This source-to-sea expedition is sure to be full of surprises, yet there’s no doubt that the trip will bring into focus the unique environmental and cultural attributes of this great Asian-Pacific river that is relatively unknown outside of the margins of Mongolia, China and Russia.”

— Jason Rainey, International Rivers executive director

“When Amber reached out to us about the trip, it was a no brainer to partner up with the project… our goal is to empower human potential and you can’t get closer to that then going on an adventure that covers thousands of miles in Asia!”

— James Atkin, GOAL ZERO

“The Amur River is a vivid reminder of the rich biodiversity an untamed river can support,” said Rebecca Martin, Director of National Geographic’s Expeditions Council. “We are excited to support this brave team of Young Explorers grantees in exploring this important ecosystem, in true National Geographic fashion.”

“Polartec has assisted some of the world’s greatest athletes by funding their explorations with the Polartec Challenge Grant,” said Allon Cohne, Polartec Global Director of Marketing. “This year, women have dominated the field with some very inspiring trips including the Nobody’s River Project. We couldn’t be happier to support these four ladies. We’re sure our fabrics are as tough as they are.”    

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