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Skiing the Tetons: Lines List I

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photo: Fred Marmsater

photo: Fred Marmsater

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort closed yesterday which marked, for me, my first full winter season in Jackson, WY. I had only visited a few weekends last winter until I finally moved to town in mid-May 2012. When the snow started flying in November there was enough accumulation to get up on Teton pass and start poking around while slowly getting to know new areas. When December rolled in, the snow continued and then suddenly January went dry. And so it was in January, in extremely cold temps, that I linked up with a small crew to start hunting for fresh snow and exploring bigger lines in Grand Teton National Park.

My first route in the Park was in May 2006 with an on-sight lead and ski of the Grand Teton in a non-record setting car to car 16hr round-trip. I led all pitches to the summit, without pro/gear, trailing a rope, and then skied the entire route first for our team. The 2nd route that same weekend was also a long one-day adventure on the Skillet on Mt. Moran. I hadn’t been back to Wyoming until I came up to visit friends last year.

My season could not be what it is without the people with whom I have shared it. It is with great thanks to my incredible ski partners and new friends that I have had the chance to experience a lot of spectacular routes and beautiful locations. (Big thanks to Patrick McDermott, Brian Warren, & Tigger Knecht.)

Every day out there the friends lost last year have been on many of our minds. There were numerous days in January that I felt as if Romeo, Rudolph and others were along for the tours; it has been a healing way to remember them in the mountains.

So, while it is only April, I have found that this list of descents has grown naturally with like-minded partners who are excited to get outside and find fun ski adventures. Once the spring is wrapped up, I will do a thorough summary of this journey with words and photos of the people and the efforts that were involved.

ADDITIONS since April 8- JHMR closing (per mother nature):

Albright Peak

East Face

South Teton

SE Couloir

Taylor Peak

The Gash

Mt Woodring

The Fallopian Tube


East Face

St. Johns

NE Ramp

Grand Teton

Otterbody route

Mt Moran

The Skillet


Teton Lines 2012/13:


– SE couloir

Grand Teton

– Stettner, Chevy, Ford (2nd descent)

– Otterbody route

Middle Teton

– Ellingwood Couloir

– East Face to Glacier Route

– Chouinard Couloir

Cloudveil Dome

– Sneaker couloir (2)

Buck Mtn

– East Face (2)

– EF/ Buckshot couloir

Prospectors Mtn

– Apocalypse couloir

– Son of Apocalypse couloir

– Pencil Couloir

South Teton

– Amora Vida Couloir

– SE Couloir

Disappointment Peak

– The Spoon Couloir

– The Red Sentinel Couloir

Nez Perce

– The Sliver Couloir

– The Nugget Couloir

– East Hourglass Couloir

– West Hourglass Couloir

Shadow Peak

– 4 Hour Couloir

Mt Wister

– SE Couloir

Static Peak

– East Face

Mt Moran

– The Skillet

Jackson Peak

– North Face

Wimpies Knob

– Peaches Couloir

– East Face

Albright Peak

– East Face

Mt Woodring

– The Fallopian Tube Couloir

Mt St Johns

– NE Ramp Route

Taylor Peak

– The Gash

Rockchuck Peak

– East Face

Pyramid Peak

– North Face

– East Face

25 Short

– Broken Thumb

– Turkey Chute

– East Face

– North Trees

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

– North: Granite- A, AAA, B, Airforce chutes, NW Passage main couloir, Christinas, Dwarves, Spocks- Rap route, & others..

– South: 4Pines etc- Broken Branch, It Goes, Guides route, others..

– Cody Peak: Twice is Nice, Once is Enough, Pucker Face, 4 Shadows, No Shadows

– Pandoras Mtn: The Arch

– Cardiac Ridge: Shady Lady Couloir

– Rendezvous Peak: Martini Chutes, St Patty’s day Chute

– No Name Peak

– Zero-G

 *Note: For more info on any of these lines, visit Steve Romeo’s www.tetonat.com or check out Tom Turiano’s Teton Skiing: A History & Guide

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